​​SPRING 2019 Great Pyrenees puppy litter SOLD OUT!
Visit our Great Pyrenees  page for details on our Fall 2019 litter.
Last 2  Old Spot  piglets are pending reservation!  Call for info on future litters.  
Kiko & Nubian yearlings & kids available! Check our  Nubian Goats  &  Kiko Goats pages for details.

Considering a Great Pyrenees?
Stefanie Goodman
Friday, January 25, 2019

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  1. Kidding Season Coming Soon!
    15 Jan, 2019
    Kidding Season Coming Soon!
    We have only days left to prepare for the beginning of our 2019 kidding season here.  Official kickoff should begin on or shortly after January 23! We have much to do in the coming days and preparations will hopefully make kidding season a time of rejoicing!  In the next several days, we will be preparing the birthing stalls in the barn. I spoke with our veterinarian this morning and will be picking up some Bo-se in a few days.  This is one of the many things we like to have on hand in the event