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up on the Farm
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This beautiful piece of land  was previously a crop farm, although the land has in fact been used for livestock in the past as well.  It was once owned by the late Arthur Rowland, who for a period of time raised dairy cattle, hogs, chickens and even a milk goat or two.  Later in his farming career and with the assistance of his step son and current owner, our father/father-n-law, Roger Goodman,  the farm progressed to a successful crop farm.  They raised soybeans, corn, wheat, hay, and bright and dark tobacco.  As time passed, and tobacco farming became less profitable for the small farm, the land was rented to a family member who raised beef cattle for several years.   Once the cattle were relocated a decision was made to allow the land to rest. 

Several years passed and the farm began to show the wear and tear of the many previous years of use in the buildings and roads, and the results of them no longer being maintained.  Our mother/mother-n-law began clearing brush and vines (even the poisonous stuff!), mowing, cleaning up around the old barns and buildings, and anything else that she was able to do to clean up the unused property.  We soon joined her and began to do what we could, when we could.  We have collectively been working for the last several years, restoring buildings and barns, and recreating the farm.  We are now using the property to raise livestock guardian dogs, chickens, dairy goats, meat goats, pigs, and honey bees.  Soon we plan to add heritage breed Narraganssette turkeys as well.  All of our livestock are raised on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO soy free feed and are antibiotic free.  

We have also put in several varieties of fruit trees and plan to continue to add to the number of fruit baring trees we have here on the property.  Our goal is to raise our fruit pesticide and chemical free as well. 

We have learned a lot over the last few years and have worked really hard to build something we can, as a family, be very proud of.  We still have a lot of work yet to do and surely every day is an opportunity to learn something new.  We are enjoying our fresh off of the farm products and hope that you will too.
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